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Friday, March 5, 2010

Presenting Stories of Change

There are so many different ways to present stories of change or stories of those voiceless and marginalized sections of society. More innovatively it is done more outreach it gets and more impactful it becomes. Digital story writing is one very innovative and efficient way to bring these stories to the audience and present to the people where it matters and would prove impactful.

Humans in general are more responsive towards they see, visual tools are very effective in getting the message across, that's why TV, videos and movies remain to be a very popular genre.

While working as a development professional it becomes very difficult to use visual medias when one is constantly trying to get its message across and at the same time limit itself in certain budget. Financial constraints are often a hindrance.

Digital story telling is a tool which is not only cost efficient but also highly impactful. In countries like Pakistan where majority of population is illiterate a written word never fulfills the purpose, while the visual medium not only gets the message across but act as a tool to internalize what is seen and conveyed.

I see various uses of this tool to bring about social change in countries like Pakistan. Small organizations like CBOs can use this tool to have an entry in the communities and to generate useful discussions on the basis of digital stories, youth is another target audience which needs to be tapped and visual medium as cheap and as effective as digital story telling would have enormous effect.

New spirit, new zeal and courage to write and write more

Tomorrow I leave Heia Safari ranch with new ideas for writing better for my work and for myself. Writing has always been something I have been doing, but with this workshop I have realized that there is so much I can do to improve. It has given me more confidence in myself and new horizons to explore. I think I gradually came into a writer's block, but that block will certainly break or I would say has already broken. I also am now confident that I can fight with writer's block or what we may call in other words the saturation point or fear of writing.

Free writing is a tool, with which you can get your mind working, flow of ideas would gradually become better and this will make your writing more diverse and better.

It is always said that writing or for that matter pen is the best weapon one can use to fight, but yes, fight peacefully. It is all about getting your ideas across and well, it doesn't matter whether the ideas are accepted, debated upon or rejected outrightly. Because communication of your ideas and then learning from feedback on the ideas is key to refine your opinions, your overview about life and its contribution to what you ultimately shape into.

I am confident that I am going to write freely, confidently and in more impactful manner. This is my first step in this direction and taking first step is the most difficult thing...

12:15 PM South Africa, Friday